UV coating – adding that touch of class to any printing!

When it comes to packaging, the old adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” has real meaning! That’s because packaging provides the first impression any customer experiences when buying a product. Savvy companies recognize this fact and package their products using the most attractive printing possible in an effort to impress.

Cosmetic companies are the perfect example of an industry that realizes the importance of packaging. You’ll never see their expensive perfumes packaged in plain cardboard!

But, even the most mundane products benefit from the inherent advantages of vibrantly-printed packaging. One cost-effective way to achieve this is through the application of UV coating in the printing process.

What is UV Coating and what is it used for?

UV coating is applied to the paper surface and cured using ultraviolet radiation. Offline, its applied using silkscreen. Inline, UV varnish is applied as a liquid on press, and is usually used to highlight specific areas of a page such as the images, logo or slogan.

UV coating is versatile in its application and can be used for all types of paper products. However, it works best for thicker and heavier weights of paper. Finishes include gloss, matte, pearlescent, and orange peel.

Pros of UV coating

  • It’s striking and bold – it provides a visually-enhancing appeal and adds a perception of value to the packaging or product.
  • It provides a scruff resistant coating – it resists the abrasion commonly found in standard aqueous coating and varnishes.
  • Fast drying – printing lead time is reduced, leading to a more efficient process overall.

Cons of UV coating

  • Chemical Burning – depending on the PMS color used, UV coating can be susceptible to chemical burning.
  • Compromised Quality and Appearance – if the process of printing is not set-up properly, the output of the print may come out a bit defective.

Midwest Graphics can handle any UV coating job you might have!

Midwest Graphics has over a century of experience in the printing business. We offer UV coating on runs up to 60 inches wide. Call our in-house design team for help in designing a premium UV coated package guaranteed to make a noticeable first impression!