Creative Packaging Sells: Don’t be afraid to stand out!

You’ve likely heard the expression “first impressions are everything!” Another saying, from the reverse perspective but just as popular, is “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

At Midwest Graphics, we think both sayings apply to any business engaged in selling products through retailers. While the name of the product and the copy are important, the design of the package is crucial to its success.

Avoid the mundane in your product packaging!

 Businesses often resort to standard-shaped packaging for their products. There are two reasons for this. First, it affords a lower die cost and associated design time. Secondly, businesses think that by sticking with a standard design, the product packaging can be run along with other product runs to achieve greater economies of scale.

But these views are shortsighted if you consider consumer buying habits. Think about your own habits when shopping.  When you walk around a store, it’s the odd-shaped packages that stand out and get your attention.

 Packaging should make you product POP!

 Retail shelves are crowded with product. So, make yours stand out from the crowd through unique packaging. If your product is uniquely packaged by size and color it will stand out. The buyer is more likely to pick it up and buy it.

Is it time to get another perspective on your packaging?

It’s hard for some businesses to know whether their packaging is good or not. They may have been packaging a product the same way for years. They may be too close to the product to even know if their packaging is stale or not.

That’s where Midwest Graphics can help.

Our in-house design team is experienced in working with clients to develop eye-catching artistic and structural package designs geared to make products stand out from the pack. And, we can take the guesswork out of the process by providing 3D PDF modeling of your carton to give you an idea of how the design will look as an individual unit and in bulk shipments.

Yes, “first impressions ARE everything” when it comes to packaging.

If you think your packaging approach needs sprucing up, give us a call. Our design team will go to work on creating new packaging focused on making your product get the recognition it deserves!